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P.T. Putrisari Kimianusa has committed to serve its customers by providing registered quality products and building a long-term strategic partnerships. The end user of our products cover a broad spectrum of the agricultural related activities from small farmers growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, species, etc. to large government- and private-owned plantation estates.   The majority of our sales will be through distributors in small to medium sized towns in strategic geographical areas throughout Indonesia. Our local distributors and their network of retail outlets are our “customers” and represent our primary source of revenue. Therefore, we make every effort to keep them satisfied. The followings are some of our customers and the market segment that we served:


·          The first market is the large government-owned and private-owned plantations and forestry including palm oil, rubber, coffee, tea, cocoa, tobacco, land clearing, and reforestation where herbicide is widely used. The size of this market is quite significant and there is usually a budget set aside to purchase pesticides in addition to fertilizers. 


·          The second market is the large projects funded by government or international organization for small farmers. Similar to the large plantations. Products are usually sold in small packaging. In this market, effective marketing activities, such as building brand image and product promotion can become very important in order to open up and establish our present in the other market, which is the retail or “free market”.


·          The third market is the farmers and small estate owners planting rice, corn, apple, pepper, coffee, rubber, etc. For this so-called retail or “free market”, sales have to be conducted via local distributors with their established distribution networks of small “kioses” or retail outlets in the center of farming area. Products are sold in small packaging usually one liter or smaller. Promotional activities for building brand image and generating sales, such as offering attractive packaging and labeling, carrying out extensive on-the-spot product demo, giving out promotional gimmicks, and offering incentive package for distributors become very important. The size of this market is quite significant compared to the other two markets. 


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